RiboWiz Scientific is a digital biotechnology company integrating both artificial intelligence software and life science. RiboWiz offers customized software services and cloud-based subscription licensing to maximize protein production, e.g. biologics, vaccines, antibodies, enzymes, and pesticides, for life-science companies using proprietary A.I. RiboScan™ platform. 

RiboScan™ software services results in less trial-and-error and parallel laboratory testing and fewer abandoned projects which generates cost savings of $50K-$500K or more per R&D project and shortens those project’s turnaround time from 2-10 years or greater to 1-6 months. RiboScan™ accurately predicts protein expression and maximizes protein production by simulating and modulating novel ribosome dynamics during protein synthesis. RiboWiz’s disruptive service enables clients to bring more innovative products to market faster, giving them a competitive edge.